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Are you hesitant to get the Covid-19 vaccine?


Availability of vaccine doses is a problem that governments are finding solutions to. But there are also many misconceptions and myths that keep people away from them even after the vaccine is available. Experts are saying that there is no conditional cure against the corona virus. The treatment is being done on the basis of symptoms and India has officially seen more than 1.5 lakh deaths in the second wave recently. Given that vaccination is the only hope. The vaccine helps the body recognize the virus and make antibodies against it. Is extremely important that whenever available, be sure dose of vaccine.

You are to know the truth about these myths and share with those from the vaccine because of a myth or doubt.

It is not true. Talking about India, the adverts events have been only 0.013%. That is, side effects have been seen in only 130 people out of one million. That is, not equal. There may be side effects like pain, swelling, fever at the injection site. These symptoms also disappear on their own in one to two days. Because of this, the side effects are nothing compared to the benefits of the vaccine. There is no need to be worried about this.

The vaccine has serious side effects?

If someone has had a Covid-19 infection, then there is no need to get a vaccine.

There are two ways to develop antibodies – Covid-19 infection and vaccine. Those who have been infected will have antibodies made in their body. But how long it will last depends on each person. But there is also a risk of reinfection. For this reason, the Government of India has advised that the vaccine dose can be taken three months after the infection.

There is no effect on the Covid vaccine variant.

it is not true. The vaccine is effective even on the variants. According to a study by Public Health England, both doses of the Cove Shield and Pfizer vaccines have been successful in protecting against the variants to a great extent. Regarding covaxin, it is also claimed that it provides protection from double mutant strains found in India, including the UK, Brazil and South African variants.

Women who are breast-feeding should not get the vaccine as it can weaken their immunity. It can also harm the baby as well.

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Initially, women who were lactating babies were excluded from vaccination. But after studies have proved that the vaccine is safe for them and newborns. Vaccination immediately after delivery not only protects the mother but also transmits antibodies to the baby by drinking her milk. It also gives protection to children from Covid infection.

Moving Is Safe in COVID-19

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People suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer can become weak after getting the vaccine.

This is such a group, which was vaccinated by the Government of India by placing it in the priority group. These people are more likely to develop serious symptoms when they have an infection. For this reason, it is advised that this vulnerable group should get the Covid vaccine whenever available. This will protect them from severe symptoms of infection.

The immunity developed due to the vaccine is weakened by drinking alcohol.

This is a completely false claim. Vaccine and alcohol have nothing to do. People who drink a lot of alcohol can have weakened immunity in their body. Drinking too much alcohol increases the risk of liver, heart disease. In such a situation, doctors are advising to avoid it.

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